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Mark Crandall was once a very lost, angry and confused little boy. But could you blame him? Taken by the state at age 3 from his abusive, cocaine addicted biological mother, he grew into his teens with a tremendous amount of limiting beliefs.

Stealing from people and businesses, addicted to drugs, homeless, he had done two years in the county jail and found himself in Prison at age 20.

After being told that he was a “disgrace” to his adopted family, and to change his last name, he finally hit a rock bottom.

TODAY, Marks pain has become his purpose. He went back to school, became a therapist and today Mark Crandall is a keynote speaker, author of Embrace Your Past Win Your Future, host of the Purpose Chasers ® Podcast, and founder of the Purpose Chasers ® Community and Academy, and co-founder of the Purpose & Movement Mastermind.

In 2015 Mark left his career as a therapist to use his drug-addicted criminal past coupled with a traumatic childhood to help 1000s of people reinvent themselves. Since that time Mark has built multiple 6 figure businesses and has become a highly sought after business and marketing consultant.

Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Mark Crandall Leveled up and created Everything from Nothing.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Tactical things to break through your limiting beliefs
  • How to find your purpose and chase it
  • How creating movement will change your life

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Limiting beliefs are what holds you back from creating the life of your dreams. Overcoming it is challenging, but the reward is you get to unbecome yourself and live in your own terms. Mark Crandall, LMSW, LCDC, breaks down the reasons why anyone should embrace their past and use it to influence others positively. Mark is a therapist, transformational life and business coach, workshop facilitator, and keynote speaker. As he shares the seasons of his life, take hold of gold nuggets about trumping limiting beliefs. Author of Embrace Your Past Win Your Future and the host of Purpose Chasers Podcast, Mark reveals what happens when you get out of the scarcity mindset and choose to chase your purpose.

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Mark Crandall endured an unbelievably traumatic childhood. He was burnt with cigarettes, handcuffed inside a locked closet, and neglected by his parents. Taken into foster care age 3, life didn’t get any better. He started stealing, became addicted to drugs, and spent seven years in and out of prison.

None of this was his fault. He’d been dealt a rotten hand by life and after enduring so much trauma, this was his destiny. Then Mark met Rob – his first mentor. Rob asked Mark a question that literally changed his life in a heartbeat.

“What’s it like being a 25-year-old man living the ages of 3-7. What’s it like to play the victim?”

This question kick-started an awakening in Mark. He began to question everything n an attempt to strip away the layers and get closer to his heart. Mark was done allowing his past trauma to define his life. He was done blaming everyone else and he was ready to give himself a blank canvas and start over from scratch.

And that’s exactly what he did.

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Long before Mark Crandall became a member of the Quantum Leap Mastermind program that I recently told you about, he was a lost young man with countless traumatic experiences. He spent time in jail, was a drug addict, and carried an underlying self-hatred.

He’s since transcended his adversity and become keynote speaker, licensed master social worker, chemical dependency counselor, clinical interventionist, the author of Embrace Your Past, Win Your Future, host of two podcasts, and a highly sought after clinical interventionist.

At our last Quantum Leap Mastermind (QLM) retreat, I saw Mark do powerful, transformative work in real time, and it’s truly an honor to introduce you to him.

Today, he joins the podcast to share how he uses his life to hold a mirror up to those who need it the most. He also shares the belief system he uses to find opportunities to do more, and what you can do to leverage your trauma to live a life in service.

Key Takewayas:

  • How Mark’s traumatic childhood led him to addiction, prison, and homelessness – and the ONE book that began to transform his life.
  • What Mark believes holds people back from achieving their goals, why no one truly lacks motivation, and why most people lack the belief in themselves to finish things.
  • The power of using others’ words as a springboard for deep, introspective work.
  • Why Mark still takes value from a particular “daily practice” and why he isn’t militant about it.

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What is the story you‘ve been telling yourself over and over again that keeps you from stepping into the best self you can possibly be?

Mark Crandall is a Transformational Life Coach, host of the Purpose Chasers Podcast, and the author of Embrace Your Past Win Your Future: The Difference Between Being A Victim and Playing One. He was not a dad at the recording of this episode, but he will likely be one when it airs.

Mark has tremendous insight as a son who was abandoned by his biological parents and a man who is about to step into his role as a father.

Mark tells us how to:

  • detect and debunk self-limiting beliefs
  • change the toxic story you have about yourself
  • keep pushing through fear
  • resist the temptation to fall back into a destructive mindset
  • stop playing small and step into the role of the hero of your story

What You’ll Learn:

  • Mark’s estimate that 95% of society operates from a victim mentality
  • how society is coddling victims
  • how Mark was able to abuse drugs during his entire stay in prison
  • how Mark quit drugs and has stayed clean for 12 years
  • his longing for his biological parents to this day
  • the huge impact Mark’s adoptive father made in his life
  • how to keep growing and moving forward when your demons rear their ugly heads
  • why community is the key to staying on track
  • how to notice when we’re resorting to outside sources to feel adequate
  • why in reality, no one lacks motivation. They only lack belief in themselves to carry it out
  • the real reason we don’t invest in ourselves
  • how to strip everything you know about yourself and build a new story from scratch
  • how to chose to not to play the victim
  • why there are no such things as barriers, limitations, and judgements outside the ones you create in your own mind
  • why the “I already know” attitude prevents your from learning
  • why Mark as a dad wants to be constantly humbled so he can admit his faults and be a transparent, authentic dad

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Today in the studio, Anthony is talking to Mark Crandall about his amazing story and how he came to be the incredible human that he is today. Mark went into the foster system and was subject to abuse and self-hatred at a very young age. He became addicted to any escape from the hell that he was living in. This man’s story is one of perseverance and how he was able to embrace his past in order to succeed in his future. Don’t let where you come from determine where you are going, but don’t run from it. Know that you can use your past as fuel but it does not have to control what kind of person you can be.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Mark’s story through the youth system
  • Losing himself and finding himself in prison
  • How Mark was able to find his way into transformational work and personal development
  • Tying emotion to your personal circumstances
  • Differences between being a victim and playing one
  • Holding yourself back by creating stories and outcomes in your mind
  • Why we finish so many fewer things than we start
  • Tapping into who you are as a human by changing your self-esteem
  • Changing the way that you view yourself regardless of where you come from

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A very real deep dive convo into his past trauma with drugs, alcohol, time in prison and feeling a massive lack of self-worth to a full-blown transformation where he is living an incredibly intentional and purposeful life making a huge impact.

Mark shares openly about the road to a full 360 change and living a transformed life. He believes everyone has a story worth sharing. Tune in to hear Mark’s powerful story and wisdom!

Things We Learned from Mark Crandall:

  • Transformation on any level is an inside job (which isn’t always comfy).
  • There is no quick hit or fix, it takes time to change from the inside out.
  • There is NO such thing as failure, learn to see what has happened as for you and for your learning.
  • People can only think about you what YOU think about you.
  • The process of chasing your purpose and becoming your best self is an ongoing process.

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