Episode 26 – Bobby Wall: Media Buying Expert

Episode 26 - Bobby Wall: Media Buying Expert

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars on building your website only to hear *crickets* after publishing? Tired of getting screwed over by lead generation companies who care more about your pocketbook than your mission? Our guest this week shares effective and tangible ways to lead with both honesty and integrity when it comes to your ideal audience. 

This week, I am talking with Bobby Wall, the Media Buying Expert, on how to bring “humanity” back into Digital Marketing. 

After countlessly seeing people burned from lead generation companies, Bobby prides himself on endlessly serving whoever he is working with. By uncovering the bigger vision, Bobby helps people shift their beliefs around Advertising and Marketing their business. 

Listen in as we discuss the dangers of spending all your hard-earned cash on website building and why organic reach is the most effective way to reach your ideal clients.

Topics Discussed:

  • The difference between an Investment Mindset vs. Expense Mindset
  • Why you should NOT spend all your money on building a website 
  • Learning how to grow organically before investing in Ad Spend 
  • Why Advertising is only ONE facet of Marketing 
  • How the “One Size Fits All” mantra of Advertising is hurting your brand

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